Bisphenol-A, or BPA, is a chemical used to make baby bottles, water bottles and food containers.  BPA is also found in the lining canned goods.  The risks of this substance has been in question for years.  As recently as 2008, the FDA stated that low amounts of exposure to BPA would not have any adverse health effects.  However, a friend of mine emailed an article to me with a headline that caught my eye: Human placenta cells die after BPA exposure.  The researchers findings indicate that exposure to BPA during pregnancy can hurt the baby.  Very small amounts of BPA caused severe damage during their experiment.

Can someone explain to me why the FDA hasn’t banned this chemical altogether, even though they have acknowledged the risks of BPA?  Let’s take a tip from Canada.  Our northern neighbors, along with several US states, have banned BPA from children’s products

While the debate continues, it’s important for us to share our concerns, and spend our dollars supporting healthy products. In response to consumers freaking out about the risks of BPA, a lot of manufacturers now offer BPA-free bottles.  A couple of great examples are Nalgene and Born Free.  Also check out the love bottle – it’s a reusable glass bottle that you can write on.  How fun is that?!?

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