I’m flirting with the idea of becoming Vegan.  A meat-free, dairy-free diet appeals to me on so many levels.  I’ve stopped eating meat off and on for years, so that part won’t take much effort.  However, breaking up with cheese will be much harder for two reasons. One, because it’s yummy.  Two, because cheese contains casein, which is an addictive protein.  I had no idea there were opiates in my cheese!  Either way, I’m sure I’ll have slip-ups on the dairy front, but I’ll forgive myself.

I’m learning all sorts of fun stuff that I will share with you as I continue along my vegan journey.  I’ll conclude with something for you to ponder.  If humans are meant to be carnivorous, then why is the human anatomy so much different from other carnivorous animals?  For example, a tiger’s intestine is about 8 feet long.  It digests its food very quickly so there not time for it to rot.  A human’s intestine is about 20 feet long. It takes about 72 hours to digest meat (probably a good size serving, which is normally the case, right?).  Our bodies are 98.6 degrees. 

Meat + 98.6 degrees +72 hours = YUCK!

Now, I’m sure that I’m triggering some emotions in a lot of people, so go ahead, let it rip!