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Every dog deserves a good dinner, right?  Mimi, a 12 year old from central Oregon thought so, which is why she created!  Just by answering a simple trivia question about animals, you can donate 10 pieces of kibble to an animal shelter.  FOR FREE!   So help out our furry friends and check out the site.  I’ve signed up for a daily reminder to be sent to my email address so I can participate every day!  And remember to feed the cats too at


Simply put, I want to cause ripples.  I’m just an average girl who reads a lot of books, talks to a lot of people, and has the World Wide Web at my fingertips all day long (for better or for worse).  So let’s start a discussion, because the simple ripples on this page, could invoke a positive change, both big and small, all around us.

Speaking of invoking positive change, Whole Foods is offering discounts to healthy employees! 

I already love shopping at Whole Foods, and now I want to work there too.  Whole Foods gives all of their employees a 20% discount, and now they are offering a larger discount for employees who don’t smoke, and meet other healthy standards.  I think this is a great dose of tough love, and is a positive way of motivating people to start eating right and exercising.


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